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What is fuboTV?

fuboTV Premier is a Streaming Service Dedicated to Live Sports and Entertainment

What is FuboTV

Ever since Sling TV burst out on to the scene, every digital media distributor has been itching to get a slice of the ever expanding cord cutting market. In 2015 we got Sling TV. In 2016 we got PlayStation Vue. And in 2017 we get… fuboTV? (7-Day Free Trial)

That’s right, one of the leading streaming sources of international soccer is taking a dip into the wider streaming market with a twist. Enter: fuboTV Premier. Continue reading What is fuboTV?

Streaming Service Free Trials

Streaming Service Free Trials

Complete List of Free Trials Available to Cord Cutters

When searching out a cable TV alternative, what streaming service you pick is critical. The ideal situation for a cord cutter is to get all the great content they had before quitting cable but with few commitments and fees. Because everyone is different, it can sometimes be hard (and expensive if you’re not careful) to find that perfect cable TV alternative.

To help make that search for the right streaming service a little easier, I’ve compiled list of online streaming services with free trial periods. More will be added in the future, so be sure to check back later.

Now, let’s get to our list: Continue reading Streaming Service Free Trials

Sling vs Vue – 2017 Review


Which Cordcutting Service is Better, Comes Down to What you Value the Most!

When Sling TV first launched in 2015, they were the only kids on the block that allowed you to live stream dozens of television channels without a cable subscription. It was great because there were no contracts, no commitments, and at $20 a month it was dirt cheap compared to the cable alternative.

Not to mention Sling TV gave us ESPN without cable, which is a huge boon to people that love watching sports but hate paying for cable.

But with the launch of PlayStation Vue, Sling TV is no longer the only player in town and now the upstart service is hoping to give Sling TV a run for its money. The question for cord cutters now is which service should they go with, and today we’re going to take a look at each one to see how they compare against one another.

Let’s get started! Continue reading Sling vs Vue – 2017 Review

Sling TV vs Amazon Instant Video

sling_tv vs amazon_instant_video

The Choice often Comes Down to if you Prefer to Pay for Channels or Shows

For Cord Cutter, the holy grail of television is being able to pick and choose what channels you get every month. In early 2015, cord cutters got their wish with Sling TV, an online streaming service that offered a base channel  subscription with a whole host of add-on packages for $5.

At first, Sling TV was the only kid on the block offering ala carte style television to the masses seeking a better cable TV alternative. But now Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Instant Video, has come out with their own set of cord cutting add-ons; which begs the question of which one is better?

Today we’ll find out as we take a look at what both services have to offer. Let’s get started! Continue reading Sling TV vs Amazon Instant Video

What is YouTube Red?

What is YouTube Red

YouTube Red offers features that greatly appeal to some, but is it right for you?

In the world of online streaming, the choices are endless. As far as cable TV alternatives go we have services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV. For music we have services like Spotify, Pandora, and Songza. But noticeably absent from this media melee has been tech behemoth Google; but that is slowly changing.

Late last October, tech behemoth Google launched a premium version of its YouTube app. Dubbed YouTube Red, the app is Google’s latest attempt at expanding its revenue base and stepping into the premium streaming market by offering exclusive and premium content for the monthly rate of $10; and they offer a 1-month free trial. Continue reading What is YouTube Red?

Introducing Starz New Streaming Service

Available on Amazon Video, iTunes, and Google Play – Starz has joined the ranks and is now offering a Stand-alone Streaming Service.

What is Starz

Ever since HBO announced and subsequently launched its own standalone streaming app, HBO Now, television networks have been falling over themselves to follow suit. What was once thought of as cord cutting unicorns, like ESPN (see Sling TV) and “Game of Thrones”, are now widely available to cord cutters; and things are just getting started. Continue reading Introducing Starz New Streaming Service

What’s New with Sling TV?

As Sling TV grows in popularity, so does its service offering

Whats new with Sling TV

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Sling TV; especially because it brings us one step closer to an ala carte cable TV alternative. Last week, Sling TV had a slew of announcements and updates and I think you’re going to want to hear what they are. Let’s start small.

But before we get going here, it occurs to me that you may not know what Sling TV is. If that is the case, make sure you first read “What is Sling TV“; or better yet, sign up for their free trialContinue reading What’s New with Sling TV?