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Streaming Service Free Trials

Streaming Service Free Trials

Complete List of Free Trials Available to Cord Cutters

When searching out a cable TV alternative, what streaming service you pick is critical. The ideal situation for a cord cutter is to get all the great content they had before quitting cable but with few commitments and fees. Because everyone is different, it can sometimes be hard (and expensive if you’re not careful) to find that perfect cable TV alternative.

To help make that search for the right streaming service a little easier, I’ve compiled list of online streaming services with free trial periods. More will be added in the future, so be sure to check back later.

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What is College Sports Live?

College Sports Live offers over 15,000 Live Events from 75 Schools

What is College Sports Live

One of the reasons why I love college sports is the amount of passion that goes into the game. The athletes on the field are not playing for money or promotions; they’re playing for pride, their school, and themselves. It’s always that much more exciting when you watch the end of close game, because you know how much went into both performances.

If you’re like me and you love college sports, then you might want to check out College Sports Live.

CBS Streaming Services

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Showtime Streaming Now Available for Cord Cutters

No longer do you need a Cable Subscription to stream Showtime’s Premium Content


Last year the tech world was rocked when HBO announced that it would launch a streaming service that would be accessible without a cable TV subscription. Launched just in time for the newest season of Game of Thrones, HBO Now has been well received by cord cutters and general streaming enthusiasts alike. Continue reading Showtime Streaming Now Available for Cord Cutters

Change is Good and CBS All Access is Change

How to Watch CBS without Cable

Is CBS All Access right for you? Maybe. Is it another step in the right direction? cbs-logoYES!

The last six months have been a roller-coaster ride for the cord cutting community. HBO announced it would unbundle from cable, so did Showtime, and everyone was rocked at the announcement of Sling TV at Consumer Electronics Show this year. With all the fuss that’s been made, it has been really easy to not notice that CBS also announced its very own streaming service; and unlike HBO, it’s already on the market.

Over 7,500 Episodes on Demand – View all the shows

Watch CBS without Cable

They also offer a 7-day free trial, for anyone who just wants to test out the service. (Details about a free month of service are below)

**** Get ONE MONTH FREE using the promo code CATCHUP, expires 5/15!

CBS All Access Cost

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