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Sling TV vs Amazon Instant Video

sling_tv vs amazon_instant_video

The Choice often Comes Down to if you Prefer to Pay for Channels or Shows

For Cord Cutter, the holy grail of television is being able to pick and choose what channels you get every month. In early 2015, cord cutters got their wish with Sling TV, an online streaming service that offered a base channel  subscription with a whole host of add-on packages for $5.

At first, Sling TV was the only kid on the block offering ala carte style television to the masses seeking a better cable TV alternative. But now Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Instant Video, has come out with their own set of cord cutting add-ons; which begs the question of which one is better?

Today we’ll find out as we take a look at what both services have to offer. Let’s get started! Continue reading Sling TV vs Amazon Instant Video

Could Amazon Fire TV be used as a Cable TV Alternative?

Amazon Instant Video is not Enough.
What Else Can Amazon Fire TV do?

Amazon Fire TV

The greatest weapon in a cord cutter’s arsenal is a video streaming device. For those of you that don’t know;  a video streaming device enables you access video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO.

A Video Streaming box (media set-top box) should provide access to video content from every source available – including over-the-air broadcasting. It should offer a user friendly interface for easy searching and navigation, and it should prioritize content options based on price and video quality. Jumping from show to show or movie to  movie, should be as easy as changing channels on a standard Cable TV remote control. Most importantly a set top box should take advantage of free broadcast TV, record it for you via a DVR, and should always route users towards the most cost effective way to enjoy the shows they love.

In short a video streaming device should act as the foundation in which you build upon with streaming services and an OTA antenna. Let’s look at Amazon’s Fire TV video streamer and see how it matches up to these requirements.

March 2017 Update: Fire TV has made a lot of progress since first being introduced. It now offers Voice control, powered by Alexa. It also is widely reported as having the best user interface when paired with Sling TV and or PlayStation Vue. Finally, it is the first device to get access to the long awaited Sling TV Cloud DVR.
What you also need to know about Fire TV, is that unlike the Fire Stick, it can stream 4K / UHD programming. This is a huge advantage if you are like me and want to buy technology that the times can grow into, vs buying technology that time is quickly forgetting.

Amazon Video on Demand

Streaming Movies with Amazon
Video on DemandAmazon Video on Demand

As you already know, Amazon is an online retailer that sells books, DVDs, music, games, apparel, and other merchandise. However, what you may not know is that Amazon offers a video streaming service as well. It is called Amazon Instant Video (formerly Amazon VOD) and it is an Internet video on demand service, only available in the United States, which offers television shows and films for rental and purchase. You can watch Amazon Instant Video content on a big screen courtesy of a number of special TVs, Blu-ray players, DVRs, and set top boxes that come with the software installed.

In mid August 2011 Amazon announced that it now has 100,000 movies and television shows available to purchase or rent through its Amazon Video On Demand service. Of those, 9,000 are available to stream at no extra charge through its Amazon Prime membership program. Amazon Prime costs $79 per year and entitles the subscriber to free two-day shipping on most products.  Start your one month free Amazon Prime trial today.

The Amazon Instant Video Division has been busy in recent months, cutting licensing deals with networks and studios, to increase its streaming content and to better compete with Hulu and Netflix. There are subtle differences between each of the major movie streaming and download services. Hulu focus on recent TV shows, Netflix provides the largest library of movies (with newer content being the main issue), and Amazon seems to fits somewhere in the middle with a mixture of new movies and TV shows. See Amazon’s new releases list

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