How to Watch the 2015-16 NBA Season Without a Cable Bill

Watch NBA Online and Over-the-Air

watch nba online

The 2015-16 NBA Season is in full swing and for cord cutting basketball fans it feels like a new day. Despite setbacks in recent years, it has now never been easier for someone to watch basketball without cable; and as time goes on the options keep on getting better.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the cable-free ways to watch basketball so that you can kill the cable bill without losing your favorite sports.

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NBA Playoffs with Sling TV

watch the NBA Playoffs without cable

If you are looking for a way to watch the NBA Playoffs without cable, you have come to the right place. Right out of the gate, there is one service that trumps all others when it comes to the NBA Playoffs. As you can see in the schedule below, you need only two watch the NBA Playoffs without cablechannels to catch every single NBA Playoff game- TNT and ESPN; both of which are provided in Sling TV’s base package.

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NBA Playoffs Schedule:

  • Warriors vs Thunder – 9 p.m. EST on TNT
    • May 16  – OKC @ Golden State
    • May 18  – OKC @ Golden State
    • May 22 – Golden State @ OKC
    • May 24  – Golden State @ OKC
    • May 26  – OKC @ Golden State
    • May 28  – Golden State @ OKC
    • May 30  – OKC @ Golden State
  • Cavaliers vs Raptors – 8:30 p.m. EST on ESPN
    • May 17 Toronto @ Clevelan
    • May 19 Toronto @ Cleveland
    • May 21 Cleveland @ Toronto
    • May 23 Cleveland @ Toronto
    • May 25 Toronto @ Cleveland
    • May 27 Cleveland @ Toronto
    • May 29 Toronto @ Cleveland


First, let’s start with the basics. NBA basketball airs primarily on three television networks: ABC, TNT, and ESPN (with SportsCenter). To watch basketball games on ABC, all you need is an over-the-air antenna (OTA) and you’re good to go.

Even if you’re not a basketball fan, an OTA antenna is still a great investment because you can get thousands of hours of free HD television for years to come.

watch nba without cable

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Watch NBA Online

As far as ESPN and TNT goes, no, you can’t use an antenna to pick up those games. But what you can do is subscribe to Sling TV for $20 a month instead. Sling TV offers 20+ live television channels for streaming and, you guessed it, ESPN and TNT are included in the default package.

Watch NBA with Sling TV

You can also watch the ABC games through Sling TV. To do so, log into the WatchESPN app using your Sling TV credentials. Then find ESPN 3 as it plays all the ABC broadcasts! Not to mention you can also watch March Madness and the 2015 NBA All-Star Game with Sling TV.

A Sling TV subscription can be a particularly good option for cord cutters, regardless of sporting preferences.

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TNT Overtime


If you don’t want to subscribe to Sling TV, but you still want to catch TNT matchups, you should give TNT overtime a look. It shows you an alternative broadcast of every TNT game and it’s completely free. There’s no commentary, but that can easily be supplemented with online radio broadcasts.

Now, as great as an investment as Sling TV and an OTA antenna can be, for basketball fans you might find it a little lacking. Even with cable television, you are hopelessly doomed to miss out on many of the 1,200+ NBA games that go on during the regular season; but there is another way.

NBA League Pass


The NBA offers an online streaming service called NBA League Pass.

For about $200 a season, you can get access to every out of market NBA game in the season. That is a staggering amount of games when you think about it. You also get access to classic NBA games, which is great if you love sports history.

Beyond the cost, one downside is you don’t get access to playoff games. So towards the end of the season you may become very frustrated with this service.

If you don’t want to shell out $200 for a bunch of games you don’t want to watch, there’s a new subscription option. For $120, you can follow one specific team throughout the season. Sadly, blackout rules still apply to this option.

Individual Games

But what’s really interesting is another new payment option for NBA League Pass that allows you to buy individual games for $7 each. This is a fantastic option if you already have Sling TV and an OTA antenna, but you don’t want to fully commit to League Pass.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also listen to every NBA game with League Pass for only $10. But honestly, with proliferation of internet radio there’s not much of a point in paying for it when you can find a station online for free.

NBA Schedule

To wrap things up I want to tell you about a site that offers both a schedule of upcoming games, and video recaps of all the past games. NBA Gameline is pure gold for any NBA fan who has missed the first part of the season but wants to catch up. It is also very helpful for planning out what you want to watch and where you are going to watch it.

Time to Cut the Cord and Watch NBA Online and OTA

So far, there is no one single solution for cord cutting basketball fans. You can still get every NBA game imaginable, but with the absurd blackout rules still in effect you won’t be able to get it from one single source. However, while there may be a few extra steps involved, watching basketball without cable is still cheaper and easier than putting up with the cable companies.

To get started today, I strongly suggest using Sling TV’s 7 day Free Trial to see what you think. This is something you can do even before you cancel your cable subscription. No risk, all reward…

NBA Playoffs with Sling TV

NBA Playoffs with Sling TV

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