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Cancel Cable & Keep your Favorite TV Shows


Cancel Cable and still watch all your Favorite TV Shows, at a fraction of the cost, and on your TV in HD. With cable costs going up and the economy getting worse, canceling cable is the only thing that make sense. But with all the Online TV Scams out there, and all the different products to choose from, what’s the simplest and most cost effective way to make the transition to Online TV?

Antenna + Video Streamer + Streaming Services = Big $avings

STEP 1: Test Your Internet Speed

Without a fast enough internet connection, Streaming Videos will just not work. Your connection must provide a download speed of at least 2Mbps (Faster the Better).  To test the speed of your connection click here (Visualware).

If you find your Internet Speed is just not high enough or that many of your videos are buffering for longer than 1 min, then try these helpful tips:

  • Use a wired connection for more consistent speed. Wireless speeds could vary based on device, transfer speed and interference.
  • Make sure no other bandwidth intensive applications are running elsewhere on the network (i.e. video games, file sharing, Skype).
  • Lower the quality of your stream or try lowering the resolution on your display.

If nothing seems to work contact your Internet Service Provider to find out what it would cost to increase the speed.

STEP 2: Purchase a Video Streaming Device or Dedicate a home PC to Video Streaming

You can now watch TV stations & movies through the internet on many different devices. The trick is figuring out which video streaming device makes the most sense for you. Your options include a computer (Media Center PC), Gaming Consoles, OTA DVRs, Smart TVs, and basic Video Streamers.  Before you begin I suggest taking a step back and making a list of things you want out of this experience. For example: if you are looking to utilize Hulu and Netflix, and you like Video Games then I suggest you look into PlayStation 4 Video Streaming (PS4). If you are only interested in Movies and television shows, and really do not need anything more, then the Roku is a great option. It really depends on what is important to you. Read our Video Streaming Device Product Reviews to determine what best fits your needs.

STEP 3: Sign up for Streaming Video Services

With the launch of several new services that offer practically free HD streaming (Hulu, Netflix, & Amazon), we have reached the point where you no longer need a cable or satellite TV subscription to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Netflix and Hulu are the leaders, though Amazon is making a valiant effort to catch up. All three stream shows instead of selling downloads to you, but they have very different content – and different policies about when, where, and how you can watch your favorite TV shows. Just like with Video Streaming Devices, you need to review your options and pick what works best for you.

I personally subscribe to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu and have more programming to choose from than I need.

Below is a comparison guide that will help you determine which of these services will best support your needs.

(Hulu vs Netflix vs Amazon VOD)

Hulu vs Netflix vs Amazon VOD

In addition to these services there are tons of Free Internet TV Stations that provide a wealth of content.

Click here to learn What Sites You Need to Know About When Watching Internet TV


STEP 4: Research and Buy a Antenna if Applicable

With an indoor or outdoor Antenna you can watch top Network channels like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and more in full HD for Free. This is called Over-the-Air (OTA) broadcasting. Imagine your favorite shows, live sporting events, and blockbuster movies all for free in HD on your TV.  All you need to do is buy the antenna, install it, and enjoy. With no monthly charge, an Antenna is the #1 Cable TV Alternative available.

Here is an installation video that I put together that outlines how to install a Mohu Sky Outdoor antenna:

Installing the Sky is very easy and takes about 20 – 30 minutes:

Click Below to Learn More:
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To learn more about Antennas make sure you browse the different articles we have written on the topic – Read here

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  • KilltheCableBill

    Hi Sydnee! Yes first step is to test your speed. And yes you have uncovered the big issue here. How can i cancel cable, if my cable provider also provides my internet? Unfortunately, in a lot of circumstances, you cant. We all need internet. But you can immensely lower your cable bill but cutting out your cable tv service.

    I dont have a page on the best internet providers, but that is a great idea. I am going to add that one to my list. Thanks Sydnee and please stay in touch. I want to know what additional questions you have.

  • sydnee

    Hi, the first step is to test internet speed, right? Which left me wondering, my internet is through my cable provider, do you have a page showing the best internet for the price providers?

  • KilltheCableBill

    HI Mickey – please explain. How do you plan to link your Ipad to your TV? And if you are not asking about OTA channels, what channel listing are you referring too?

  • Mickey

    Hi, I am new. Does anyone have a list of cable channels in my zip(13029) n.y., that I can access live? I know what I can get with ota, but looking to let my iPad (linked to tv) , play some cable channels. Thanx, Mickey

  • KilltheCableBill

    Hi Christy – I have not tested it out yet. What turns me off is the price. At $29 a month you are getting dangerously close to the cost of cable TV. Plus you need to be either in the Military or an American abroad. Regardless, I too would love to hear from anyone who is currently using this service. Here is a Reddit discussion on the topic:

  • Christy Watts Creson

    Does anyone have information on ustv?

  • The Streaming Advisor

    There is not a legal way Garret.

  • KTCB

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for reaching out. Such a great question that I was surprised I had never covered this topic before. And with this in mind i put together a post that answers this question in detail:

    Please take a look and let me know how I can expand the answer.


  • Ryan Sease

    What is the best method for getting OTA over multiple TVs? I have three
    in my house and would like to completely cut the cable. However, I
    really don’t want to have to buy three separate antennas unless I need
    to do so. What would you recommend? If you could please help me out I
    would appreciate it as I am now having to pay $25 for ‘Limited Basic’
    and I just think that is too high even for that.

  • KTCB

    HI Donna, I would start by using this Channel Finder Tool. All you need to do is enter your zip code and the tool will tell you what is available:

  • Donna Campbell

    Living on the mexican border there are no over the air tv stations except one Mexican one. Will that Mohu Leaf still work for me?

  • KTCB

    Hey Garrett,

    Best option that I know of is to go to:

    If you end up finding a better solution pleas let us know.

  • Garrett Garner

    Has anyone figured how to watch FaxNewsChannel LIVE without cable or satelite? I can only fine streems available after the segament has aired.