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Think – Multi-screen Consumption with a Delicious Menu. AOL.On is known as the World Wide Web’s largest curated collection or library of high quality premium video content with more than 380,000 short-form videos. It is also the home to what they call the AOL originals which provides access to content from providers like Moviefone, Engadget and HuffPost Entertainment.

This amazing Online TV Channel also features the freshest, latest and the hottest videos in Entertainment, News, Fashion, Sports, Health, Beauty and everything else that’s taking place under the sun. In short, AOL.On gives you the chance to have an up close view and encounter with what is currently taking place on the planet.

What is AOL?

But before we discuss more about AOL.On, it’s good to know the meaning of AOL and its function first. AOL is an acronym which stands for America Online. This is an internet provider which has become extremely popular since its introduction and establishment in the early parts of the ‘90s. Take note that during this period was also the time when the Internet was also starting to get the attention of consumers all across the globe. AOL is owned by Time Warner and claims to offer everything “hot, interesting and sensational”.

Welcome to AOL

 “With the launch of AOL On we are bringing people closer to the things that matter, while helping them discover and share the stories and information that color their lives.”  – Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO, AOL

What Do You Get from AOL.On?

Basing from the concepts of America Online, AOL.On functions to render what most people want to see on their computer screens. If you want to know about the latest issues and controversies in the world of politics around the world then AOL.On is the best place to go. The same thing is also true when you need to know about what are actually the latest happenings in the world of entertainment, sports and other relevant current events.

Online TV Channels Covered by AOL.On

AOL.On offers the following to suit every viewer’s preferences: New, Must See, LOL, Trending, OMG, AOL.Originas, 101, Geeky & Inspiring. And the following are the subcategories where you can choose from to suit your viewing preference: news, entertainment, life tips, style, home, parenting, relationships, food,  sports, health, travel,  autos, business, technology, video  games, arts and hobbies, pets, education, topics and partners and site map.

So if you are looking for a lone site where you can find everything that’s current, original and hot, AOL.On is truly a perfect Cable TV Alternative!


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